Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday once again. Time to confess all the things I did not do this past week. If you have something you're feeling guilty about and would like to confess, join in the Monday madness by going to MckMama's blog and checking out the official rules.

This past week I have not been so obsessed with cleaning my house that I neglected my children at any point. I did not leave my children to play happily alone so that I could sweep, dust, vacuum, or pick up toys. I am not super psyched that my bedroom has been clean with a made bed for 5 whole days. My husband did not make the bed 2 of those days and I am not proud of him.

I have not been so tired the last few days that I fell asleep rocking Ronan while Collin ran around being crazy. I would never do that. I do not think that getting up to feed Ronan 2-3 times a night, or getting up at 6:30 every morning to work out, has anything to do with it. I have not been motivated to exercise by my super awesome husband who is not decidedly training to run a half marathon in September, or by the fact that I currently do not hate my body. No way. I love my flabby stomach and the way my butt has an extra ripple under it. I do not think that after 4 months my body should look better.

Speaking of 4 months, my sweet baby Ronan is not now 4 months old. *sigh* We did not go in for his well baby check up, and he did not weigh 15lbs 6oz and was not 24 3/4 inches long. This is not close to Collins stats at 8 months.

I do not wish I had pictures of my sweet baby to post, but I have not been too lazy to take pictures.

That is not all I have. Do not have a nice day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a clean routine

I've been using FlyLady to help me organize my house/life and get into a good routine of keeping things clean and organized. Having a clean house will be especially important once the daycare starts (which I have a potential client to possibly start in September). One of the things FlyLady tells you to do is create a control journal. This is a journal to write your routine in to help you accomplish things. My goals for today:

make the bed(daily)
make Collin's bed (daily)
clean the kitchen (daily)
clean bathroom sinks
clean mirrors
vacuum living room
put beroom things away (I/we deep cleaned the bedroom yesterday and I had a few items that belonged downstairs to put away)

What I actually accomplished:

made the bed (I didn't get to Collin's. Sometimes it just seems pointless to make his bed)
cleaned the kitchen (twice actually)
jeans (washed and dried, not folded)
towels (washed and dried, not folded)
put dedroom things away
vacuumed living room (and hallway and bedrooms)
cleaned bathroom sinks
cleaned ink stains out of the ottoman
cleaned a soda stain out of the carpet

All this on top of caring for and loving on my 2SC (2 small children). I kind of felt like supermom. Tomorrow I will tackle the basement.

Thanks FlyLady! Now if I can only keep up with this routine. Each night before bed I will make my list for the following day. I will also put all of the toys away and shine my sink before bed so that when I wake up, my sink smiles at me!

Next step: convince husband to let me paint part of the kitchen red.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday again! Time to confess all of the things that you did not do this week! For the official rules to Not Me! Monday, head over to MckMama's. She is responsible for all this fun!

First of all, I did not post 3 times today. That would be crazy. One post per day please!

Let's see. Last week we did a garage sale at my parents' house. We made about $100 and decided that we could each spend a little. I wanted to buy shorts because I still don't fit into most of my clothes. So we went to Khol's and I was ready to spend my $42. I found a swim suit and some shorts but knew that I didn't have enough. I told my husband that I needed to decide what I wanted more because getting both would cost too much. I did not do this knowing good and well that my husband would respond with "it's okay honey, you can get both". That would be wrong. I would never use my husbands loving and giving nature for my own good. Not me!

I have not recently started to follow Fly Lady to help keep my house clean. I do not have such a hard time keeping my house organized that I began to feel panicked and anxious about it this past week. That would kind of make me a nut case right?

I also have not started a 2nd blog for my crochet "business". I did not start this with much anticipation and doubt know that at this point I do not have anything to sell. Only pictures of items that I have made for others. I am not still wondering if it will be worth the effort. You can not find a link to this blog in my side bar.

a confectionary delight

I made donuts for breakfast this morning.

Don't they look delicious?And then Collin did some finger painting.
As you can see he also painted his head. That's my boy!
Ronan played on the floor and was his typical cute self. His poor cheek is all red from all the drooling he does!

happy father's day

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday because we were busy with daddy time.
Even though I know my husband doesn't read my blog, I wanted to tell the world what an amazing daddy he is. I still can't believe that he's mine. This amazing, caring, funny, clever, smart, fun, tallented, handsom, loving man. My boys are so blessed to have such a wonderful father. He works hard to provide for us, and even at the end of a long day, he finds the energy to play with the boys, help make dinner, and give baths. I love it when I hear the boys giggling from the other room. Dan teaching Collin wrestling moves, and Collin charging and knocking Dan over. Some day he'll understand, but for now, it's more fun to just tackle dadd.
At night before bed Collin likes to watch Backyardigans and Wonder Pets. When the music comes on Collin generally sings along and gets up and dances. At this point, Dan too stands up and dances in circles like the cartoon characters. Collin giggles with delight and then the two of them fall to the floor.
Someday Ronan will get to join in on all the fun too. For now, he enjoys lying on the floor watching the big boys. He loves his daddy, that's obvious. In the way that he stares at him just waiting for daddy to turn his attention to him. And when he does, a huge grin spreads acorss his face followed by two adorable dimples. Daddy is awesome.
He's everything I ever wanted and more.
Thank you, Dan, for always being here for our children. For being a good example. For being the daddy that our children deserve.
We spent Father's Day at home. Just the 4 of us. Collin and daddy did this...

While Ronan did this....

I took pictures, and then cleaned the house...again. It never ends and it's never clean enough. I need a cleaning lady. But first I need lots of money.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

squeels of delight

Ronan has found a new voice, and he uses it A LOT. I absolutely love it and can't help but laugh at his high pitched squeels of joy! Sorry the picture is so dark. The lighting in our basement isn't great.

I couldn't pass up this photo opportunity.

Do you think maybe my boys have seen daddy play video games?
Collin doesn't enjoy being like daddy at all... can you tell?

I've been playing with my camera setting trying to get the pictures to come out the way I want them to. If only I could find the manual. So I took about 50 pictures today as I played. Here are two of my favorites.

It's rare to get a picture of Collin's face because he is either running at, or away from the camera.

I personally like the drool on his lip. It's rare to see him without drool on his lip, chin, chest, arms and all over whoever is holding him.

Along with playing video games with daddy, Collin has been working on a future as an artist. Unfortunately, his canvas today happened to be the ottoman. I don't think that he was so much trying to draw on it as he was enjoying the fun noise that it made.

One final thought:

Please pray for baby Stellan. He has begun having bouts of SVT again and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to bring him out. Stellan had to be taken to the emergency room today as the vagal manovers aren't working as well as hoped. To read Stellan's full story you can click on his link in my side bar.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Not Me! Monday was created by McKMama as a way to confess all the things that you did not do over the week. It's fun, and refreshing. If you'd like to join in, head over to McKMama's for the official rules!

I did not at any point this week get super frustrated with my whiney hiney terrible not-quite 2 year old. He has not been driving me, and my husband, bananas with his refusal to eat anything but sweets, unless of course it comes off of daddy's plate. Yesterday I did not take him outside pantless and barefoot to make a volcano with an empty bottle, baking soda, and vinegar. This was not in an attempt to save my husband's sanity, and the super awesome volcano experiment I planned did not fail due to lack of ingredients. I do not plan to keep my cabinet fully stocked with science experiment tools for future emergencies.
Yesterday, I did not spend nearly an hour scrubbing my kitchent with vinegar in an attempt to finally get it cleaned after a busy week. My husband does not dislike the smell of vinegar. He does not cringe whenever I decide to clean with it.
Right now, I am not letting my nearly 4 month old watch music videos on CMT while I write this. No way. Babies should not be left to be entertained by television.
Earlier today I did not go to the doctor to investigate a sharp pain I've been having above my belly button. Earlier in the week my husband did not freak out about it after researching symptoms on the internet. He did not make me take a pregnancy test to be safe. It did not come back negative and we are not jumping for joy praising the good Lord! At the doctor this morning I was not told that I have a small hernia, and I have not been referred to a surgeon. I am not completely freaking out about this.
I am currently not planning on taking a nap with Ronan as soon as I log off...

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Ronan rolled over for the first time yesterday! This video isn't capturing the first time, but it is shortly! I actually missed the first time because I was upstairs on the phone with my mom. That seems to be the way it goes. I missed Collin's first too. I'll just pretend I saw the first one though. Now that he's done it once, he's unstoppable! However, he can only roll in one direction so far. Some day he'll be an ambiturner!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

a busy week

The week started out by going to a Wingnuts game with Dan's brothers last Sunday. It was a good game, but unfortunately the weather didn't hold and we got to the car just as the first drops of rain fell. We ended the evening at Old Chicago, in which Dan's awesome brother, Rob, bought us all dinner.
On Monday, Ronan got to try out his Bumbo seat for the first time. He does pretty well in it, but won't sit for long.
He has also become a super stud at holding his head up.
On Tuesday we went to a friend's house for dinner. There are their 2 little girls, Clare and Elizabeth.
Collin hung out with daddy part of the time. He was a little unsure of the girls at first.
Ronan hung out on the blanket with Pete. Pete is about 2 and a half weeks older than Ronan.
Friday and Saturday we helped with a garage sale at my parents house. On Saturday Collin got to hang out with my cousin's son, Nolan. Nolan will be 3 in October. They had fun playing with Dolphins in water.
This is the face of innocence. Though he is far from innocent.
And Collin picked out a couple of hats for him and Papa to wear. Aren't they cute?
Collin absolutely adores his Papa (both of them). On Thursday evening my parents came to get some stuff from our garage for the sale and Collin spent 10 minutes at the window shouting "Papa! Papa!" until my dad finally came in and got him. I was about to go bananas!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

recent happenings

Collin is doing really well in his big boy bed. He still gets out of bed and yells from the gate, but he hasn't cried for more than 5 minutes. Generally I found him sprawled out across the bed, but the other morning I found him lying with is head on his pillow, and under his comforter. So cute. I wanted to snap a photo, but resisted for fear of waking him up.
Collin has also used the potty 3 times now! The last 2 night he has gone before his bath. We're still not full on potty training, but we sit him on before his bath each night, and any other time during the day that he wants to sit. I'm not sure he's ready to go full force, but at least he is getting used to it for now.
On Thursday we went garage saling and found some great buys. I got Ronan 7 outfits and Collin 4 pairs of shorts and 2 shirts and all together it was only $8! Yay for summer clothes I'm not worried about getting dirty!
Here are some pics of the boys each modeling a find...
Okay, so you can't see their outfits very well, but they look super cute in these pictures no?
Below is a pic of another great find....
No, not the baby. Him I made (with a little help). But the super cute chair he is sitting in only cost me $5! Now I have 2 little rocking chairs for my daycare. Yay!
In other news, my super somber baby fell asleep while I was cooking dinner the other night. Sweet sweet baby boy!
Today we went to the zoo and let Collin go to the petting zoo area for the first time... He was scared of the goats.
But him and daddy got to ride a cow-like wooden creature.
And were shocked to find out that what we thought was a horse was actually a mule.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

growing up

A couple of days ago I ordered new bedding for Collin so that we could move him into a big boy bed. His comforter arrived today, and of course being super excited about it I made my husband change things up as soon as nap time was over.
Here are some pictures of Collin's room before the switch...

The rocking chair is now in Ronan's room. A tight squeeze, but it will keep me from feeding him in bed and then letting him sleep with us the rest of the night. And here are some pictures after...
Notice how Collin isn't wearing pants? That's because the cutie patootie always takes them off at nap time.
We put a step stool next to the bed to make it easier for him to get up and down. He was so excited all day and kept going back to his room play in the bed. At bedtime the 4 of us went to his room and laid in the bed to read a book. Collin was in heaven, until it was time to actually go to bed. Ronan and I got up to leave the room so that Dan could do the final tuck in, and as I started to leave the tears welling up in Collin's eyes about broke my heart. To him this had all been a fun game. So Dan stayed and layed down with him for a while, and when he left the room Collin began to scream. Of course even in his crib he cried for a little while, but tonight it brought about different emotions for me. My poor little man was probably scared and confused and wondering why mommy and daddy were making him sleep in this strange bed. I felt like a bad mommy as I may have been too eager to make the exciting switch.
After about 20 minutes I went back upstairs to listen in, and all was quiet. His bedroom door was open, but we had put a gate in front of it in anticipation of this. After a few minutes I could hear him in there talking (probably to Handy Manny), but he sounded cheerful. Hallelujah! I just can't believe that my little guy has grown up so fast. In just over 2 months he will be 2 years old. Where does the time go?
Here is a picture of Collin just 1 day old. Isn't he just absolutely precious?