Tuesday, February 28, 2012

kid's aprons

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on getting some kid sized aprons done to take into the Healthy Baby Boutique. I finally had enough done that I felt I could put them in the store so here are some pictures. They don't have the snaps on them in these pictures but will have 2 snaps on the neck strap so that you can adjust the length.







soccer (sold)

These should be available later this week at HBB east. They are $26.00. If you would like to custom order one please feel free to contact me! I had an order for one in a little bigger size this week to, so don't be araid to ask! Also, be sure to check out my facebook page I post pictures of new products on there more frequently than on my blog.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Couch Potato

The article written by Landon Gilbert

My husband is a sweet guy, but sometimes I feel like all he does is watch Direct TVWhen we were dating he took me to all sorts of fun places. We were always out and about, and he even took me skydiving one year for my birthday. I know things change when you get older, but I would love it if he would take me out to dinner and a movie, or dancing. It doesn’t have to be every night, but once in a while it would be nice. He would rather stay home and watch movies than be out on the town. He is very generous and always says I should go out with my friends, but I want to share these experiences with him. I haven’t tried having a serious talk with him about this yet, but I think I may have to. Hopefully he’ll make an effort when he knows how important it is to me.

Friday, February 17, 2012

off with her hair!

Yesterday morning I was mad at my hair. For those of you who don't know me, I have really thick hair. And when I say really thick hair, I mean REALLY thick hair. Even after getting my hair thinned its thicker than most peoples hair.
Sounds great right? Yeah, unless you want to actually style your long hair. My hair was to the point (that it gets to every few years) when it was too heavy to stay curled, and when I did get it all curly, it was so big that it ended up in a pony tail anyhow. When I straighten it, it looks boring and it goes in a pony tail. When I'm in a hurry, it goes in a wet pony tail. Basically, my hair was always in a pony tail. What's the point of having long hair if you don't every show it off? Answer: there is no point, so off it went!
Here are some pictures of before.

My usual in a pony tail look.
And the way it looks when I leave it down (though this was after removing the pony tail).

And now.... are you ready?

I love it! This is basically what I do every year or so. I grow my hair out, get sick of it after I remember why I cut if off the last time, and then I cut it off again. Pretty sure I lost 2 pounds getting it cut last night. The pile of hair was about 6 inches high after my super awesome friend/hair dresser swept it up.

So what do you think? Does it make me look older? younger? thinner? (please say thinner!)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge {day 12-18}

Wow I've been really behind on this challenge. I should probably be done already, but life happens. A couple weeks ago I got sick with the stomach flu. My husband stayed home to take care of the kids while I stayed in bed for 2 days and on day #2 the kitchen faucet broke which led to a flood in my office. The following week our sump pump got stuck and the laundry room flooded. Yesterday we got a TON of rain and the laundry room again flooded. To sum it all up, we've been dealing with a lot of water around here.

Here's what I have thus far.

Day 12: Sunset
You can't really see the sunset from our house. This is actually the view out our bedroom window. There are too many trees and houses in the way to see it from our house. I could have gone outside down to the park around the corner to maybe get a bette view, but who has time for that?

Day 13: Yourself with 13 things
13 of our favorite children's books. We have about 5 billion more in our house. (okay, maybe that is an overexageration, but we seriously have a bookshelf in every room of our home except for the bathrooms)

Day 14: Eyes
You gotta love those baby blues.

Day 15: Silhouette

This one was difficult. I wasn't really sure how to do it. I used the door for back lighting to hopefully create a silhouette... it kind of worked?

Day 16: Long exposure

This is the waterfall in the rainforest at the zoo.

Day 17: Technology

The iPad. We use it to listen to Pandora A LOT.

Day 18: Your shoes

If you didn't guess, mine are the shoes in the middle cubby. The boys share one and Dan and I have our own. It sort of keeps the entry way organized.

Up next, something orange.

Friday, February 3, 2012

to believe

I'm sure you've heard of little Miss Jackie Evancho and her AMAZING voice. It gives me chills to listen to her. How does such a mature and powerful voice come from someone so small? Unbelievable. Here is a link to her singing "To Believe" which just brings tears to my eyes. I would have just embedded the video but didn't know how.