Sunday, December 25, 2011


Thanks to Wm Rowe

I have been on a serious DVR kick lately. I’ve been too busy to watch much live TV, so I’ve been recording a ton of shows. I took a quick peek at my DVR the other day and I only had about 10% empty. I knew that if I didn’t start watching my recorded shows it would stop recording my usual shows. I sat down and watched an entire block of Sex and the City one Saturday, and it was glorious. I really miss that show. I kind of went into a period of mourning when it went off the air, and I’m so excited that the Style network has started to show them on constant repeat. The only problem is that I’ve wasted entirely too many Saturday afternoons watching it when I could have been accomplishing more important things around the house. That’s a small price to pay though for a few hours of watching one of the best shows in recent history. Check out the Style network on Direct TV to see if you agree it’s a pretty awesome show.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Rock Band

Over Thanksgiving Break the boys wanted to play Lego Rock Band with daddy.

So Dan dug out the drums and guitars and micorphone.
 I think we have some talent on our hands.
 The took turns playing each instrument and rocking out.
 Ronan wants a guitar for Christmas. He's going to pee his pants when he sees what Mamaw Berry got for him.
 Dylan got in on the action. He'll make a great drummer some day. 

I wanted to take a video of them playing, but I can't figure out how to on my new camera. You would think turning it to video would do the trick. Time to dig out the instructions.