Monday, June 7, 2010

our newest miracle

One week ago today we welcomed the newest member of our family into our lives. Even though he's been a huge part of our lives for months now, Dylan Lawrence is finally here and has already brought immense joy into our home.
So here's the short on how his arrival went.
Last Sunday evening Dan and I sat down to watch a movie (Lakeview Terrace). It was the first time in months that I was able to sit through an entire movie without having to pause it to use the restroom. As soon as the movie was over (about 10:30pm) I headed upstairs to the bathroom and I kid you not, my water broke while I was sitting on the toilet. Great visual, I know. But seriously, how lucky is that? I was a little unsure at first because it felt like he had punched my bladder and something popped, but a couple steps out of the room and the continual leakage made me certain. Knowing how quickly things went with my first 2 children we went ahead and called Dan's mom even though contractions were still far apart. We finished gathering the last few things for our bag and after Grandma arrived, we headed to St. Joseph's Hospital. Because it was late we had to check in through the ER. After being taken upstairs they checked out the situation to make sure my water had really broken (even though it was pretty obvious) and then moved me to a labor and delivery room. Dan and I placed bets as to what time we though he'd be here by (we both lost horribly) and began the waiting game. Several hours and many laps around the maternity floor lead to little change and after about 7 hours the doctor (not my OB but the one filling in for her) wanted to start pitosin. Fortunately my amazing nurse could tell that I wasn't thrilled about the idea and convinced the doctor to let us try some natural measures first. After another 3 hours my contractions were still 10 minutes apart and hadn't intensified at all. So... we started the pitosin. It still took several more hours, and let me tell you, the pitosin made my contractions twice as strong and I never want to have to use it again, but at 11:45 am we were finally ready.
At straight up noon on May 31st, we welcomed our precious baby boy into the world. He weighed 7lbs 2.3 oz and was 19 inches long. He resembles is brothers, but definitely has his own features as well.
Dylan has taken to nursing like a champ and though I'm sore, it is so rewarding to sit and nurse my baby in the way God intended. By the time we left the hospital Dylan had lost 5oz, which is perfectly normal, but a week later he has gained it back plus another 5oz. I guess I now know that he is indeed eating enough.
It's amazing how much, and how quickly such a small person can change your life. Even more amazing is how the love I have for my children continues to grow. I don't have to divide my love among them giving less to my first 2 children to make room for the new baby. The love I have is simply multiplied.

Collin LOVES to hold Dylan.
Dressed and ready to go home

Trying out his cradle

My 3 perfect boys