Sunday, May 2, 2010

100 and more

It's been a while since I updated my blog and posted pictures of my precious children. It's about time, right? I thouht so. Here are some pics of things that happened in April.

My children got goggles for Easter (to play in the pool at Mama and Papa's house of course) and had to wear them in the bathtub.

My husband turned 27 on the 23rd and I made him an amazing 2 layer triple fudge cake with Reeces Pieces in the middle.

The boys enjoyed the cake thoroughly.
We made some music in the kitchen.
Painted sticks to decorate a pencil can for Papa's birthday.

Played dressup...nothing makes a mommy more proud than to see her little boy wear a purple skirt.

Collin hung out with is "wife". They fight like an old married couple anyhow :)

And every Tuesday we've been having a playdate with a friend.

It's been so nice to have some adult interaction every Tuesday. I still have my daycare kiddos, but my friend Denise and her little girl (Collin's "wife") come over and play. We go outside and to the park when the weather is nice and eat picnic lunches.
In other news: I'm now 35 weeks pregnant and counting down. I'm starting to feel fat and swollen and ready for this baby to be here. Only 4 more weeks of daycare and then my baby boy is free to come. My "nesting" goes in spurts. One (okay maybe 2 days) day I scrubbed the entire kitchen floor on my hads and knees because I didn't feel like the mop did a good enough job. Wow was I tired after that! I've been wiping down cabinet doors and counter tops like nobody's business and disinfecting every inch of my house. I will not bring my baby home to a germy disorganized house!
Oh, and this is my 100th blog post. Yay! I feel like I should have a giveaway to celebrate. But I have nothing to give away, so I'll just say "Thank you to all my faithful readers! I hope you enjoy watching my beautifl babies grow in pictures 1/100th as much as I enjoy actually being here for it."