Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paying attention

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

I think there is a ADT Small house system that is a bit cheaper than some of the systems for larger homes. I am not completely sure, of course. I have not done as much research as I should. My friends have had the security system in their houses for a while now. They have told me all about it before, but honestly I did not pay all that much attention. I have such a bad habit of not listening when something is not super interesting to me. It definitely comes back and bites me in the butt sometimes. I think the last time I was caught not listening, it was actually when a friend was venting about a co-worker. I just stopped listening because I did not want to get stuck and bogged down with negative thoughts. She actually was talking about quitting and I just completely ignored her. I hate to admit that because how do you just not listen to someone venting about quitting his or her job. That is a pretty big deal. Same thing happened when they were talking about home security systems. Might not be as bad to not listen to, but I do sort of wish I had paid more attention.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


This morning after dropping Collin off at preschool the younger 2 and I headed to the park with my older sister to do some walking and feed the ducks. Little did we know that our entertainment for the morning would come in the form of a furry little brown creature.
Ronan and I were down by the water giving bread to the ducks and I turned around to find this:
Part of me thought I should tell him to stay away from the squirrel, but the other part of me was curious as to how this was going to play out. I know, bad mommy, but you're curious too, aren't you?
This is how it played out:

 Dylan chased the squirrel for a while.
 And then they spent 10-15 minutes feeding the squirrel bread.

Ronan decided that his name should be Dave.
Isn't Dave cute?

*I was going to share a video with you, but my computer is having issues. For some reason it keeps shutting itself down. Repeatedly. It's very annoying.*

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ronan's 3rd Birthday

Nearly 2 weeks ago (I'm so behind) my little middle turned 3. I can not believe that he is 3 years old already. Time sure does fly when you are having fun.
We have a tradition (which I love) of decorating the house the night before the boys' birthdays after they go to bed. I love to see their faces when they wake up and see streamers and balloons hanging all over the house.

 Before Dan left for work we let Ronan open 2 presents. 1: The Fresh Beat Band album and 2: an apron that I made for him.
 Ronan then helped me make his giant birthday cookie (another tradition I love! We save the cake for the birthday party)

 Daddy came home early and brought McDonald's for lunch.
 And then Ronan opened the rest of his presents. His favorite? A squeegie. Yup. A squeegie. He's been asking for one since December when we went on a Christmas lights limo tour. They had them in the limo to clean the windows so you could see and he fell in love.
A little after 3:00 Mamaw came over to watch Dylan and the 4 of us headed to Salina to see The Fresh Beat Band in Concert. The boys are obsessed with this show. 

 The day after Ronan's birthday he litteraly spent 30 minutes cleaning the front storm door with his new squeegie. He kept askin me to spray it for him and then he would squeegie and wipe. The kid is silly.
I'll post later about his super awesome dinosaur birthday party.
He's growing up so fast I can hardly stand it. He still throws major fits when things don't go his way, but when he's happy (which is most of the time) he's silly and crazy and loving and funny and I still can't believe he's mine.
Happy Birthday Ronasaurus Rex! I love you!