Sunday, November 30, 2008

quality time

Well today is the last day of our fabulous 5 day weekend. I was hoping to get some quality family time in, which I guess I did, just not in the way I hoped. My poor little man was sick all day long. When he woke up this morning he had vomited all over his bed and even onto the floor. A great start to the day right? Since I had already showered I put Collin in the shower with Dan to wash the yucks off of him. Just as they were stepping out of the shower he threw up again. Needless to say we skipped our morning glass of milk and went straight to water. He ate some toast and seemed happy and chipper so we got dressed and went to church. Probably not the best decision we ever made. About halfway through mass Collin threw up again. Luckily Dan was already standing in the back with him because Collin was wanting to run around and was making noise. We quickly left church and spent the rest of the day doing laundry after each mishap, and disinfecting everything in the house. Luckily we had plenty of other stuff that needed washed anyhow. Not long after his morning nap we went from vomiting to vomoting and diarrhea. Oh joy of joys! I hate when my little guy is sick, but I must say I do enjoy the good cuddle time we get in. Anyone who knows Collin knows that he has more energy than the Energizer Bunny, and never sits still. Today he was pretty pathetic for the most part. We set up camp on the floor downstairs and put Enchanted into the DVD player. For nearly an hour we layed on blankets enjoying the movie, drinking Pedialyte and eating saltine crackers. Good mommy and Collin time. Dan got some good snuggles in as well, but he also spent part of the day doing some fix ups in our bathroom. What a great guy. Our newly remodeled bathroom is looking gorgeous!If you have a weak stomach I suggest skipping this paragraph. Just before dinner Collin had an explosive diaper that you could hear from across the room. When I went to change him Dan started laughing histarically and proclaimed that his diaper looked like movie theatre butter. I guess you have to find humor in these things to keep yourself from going insane!It's now after 7:30 and Collin is sound asleep. Hopefully we make it through the night without any more explosions. He couldn't even enjoy his evening bath because the water made his poor little booty burn. So sad.Tomorrow grandma Berry is coming to watch him because daycare is closed. If Collin is still sick I'll take the afternoon off and take him to the Dr. I hate having to take sick days, but I do enjoy a break from work. Even if it is to be with a sick kid. I'll be saying extra prayers for my little man tonight.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

here we go

So I've decided to give this blog thing a try. We'll see how well it goes. Being a mommy, a wife, and a teacher doesn't give me much time for things like this. Luckily, it's nap time which gives me approximately 1 hour of me time. Usually this time is spent attempting to clean the "castle", but at least for his morning nap, I'm taking a break.

We spent our morning out doing some Christmas shopping, and making a registry for baby #2. I wouldn't have made a registry for the 2nd baby, except for the fact that my wonderful brother-in law wants to buy us baby stuff for Christmas. We figured giving him some choices for the furniture was best. Anyhow, we attempted to do some shopping yesterday, Black Friday, but the line at Kohl's was wrapped around the store. Waiting in line for an hour with a toddler was not appealing. However, today the store was much less than crowded and the prices were still just as good. We were able to find the towels we wanted for Collin, along with a few other things. I probably would have bought more had Dan not been there to control me!

As for the rest of the day.... being lazy, and then a quick visit to the grandparents' house. Yay for long weekends!