Friday, November 30, 2012

6 month recap

What the crap! I can only add more photos to my blog if I update my storage??? That's rediculous!

So anyhow, the last time I updated my blog, my baby boy was turning 2. A LOT has happened since then. I'll try to recap for you in short. Without pictures. Because apparently that is going to cost me money which I do not have. Booooooo!!!!!!

*Over the summer we spent a lot of time at my parents' pool. Collin and Ronan took swimming lessons and by the end of the summer Collin was swimming int he deep end without floaties.

*Collin played t-ball. He loved practice in the beginning, freaked out at the first game, and slowly started to love it again.

*Aunt Dani came home to visit and we had a big family party at the pool.

*Ronan started 2 day a week preschool. He never cried at drop off, but that sad puppy face was enough to break me. I started doing "The Kissing Hand" with him to help him through the day. He now loves going to school, but still wants his kissing hand every morning!

*Collin started Kindergarten and turned 5! I can't believe that my baby is in kindergarten! We celebrated with a pool party and then went to a Wingnuts game as a family. Collin is loving school and getting so smart! He's starting to read, loves doing math, and has tons of friends.

*We announced to the family that baby #4 is on the way! Everyone was shocked, though I'm not sure if they were more suprised that we were pregnant, or that we had made it over 2 years before getting pregnant again!

*Collin played soccer and loved it! Dan coached the team and had a lot of fun with it. I think we had a winning record, but we're not really supposed to keep score. It was a lot of fun to watch.

*We put our house on the market and are on the hunt for a new, bigger house. Right now baby doesn't have a room. Unless we get a new house, baby will be bunking with me!

*I got another year older. Boo! Only one year left of my twenties :(

*We found out that baby #4 is a GIRL! I might have cried a little when the tech told us. I'm still not sure that I believe it. I've already bought her some cute outfits fromt he last consignment sale, and purchased her first cloth diaper. We're going to attempt cloth diapering this time. Wish me luck.

*We survived the Thanksgiving holiday and I managed to not gain 10 pounds!

*Dan only has 2 more weeks of school until Christmas break, and Collin only has 3! Yippee! I can't wait for Christmas!

I promise I'll try to update more often. I know you've all been sad that I've been MIA. Maybe I'll even figure out how to get more pictures added. Stupid Blogger.