Saturday, June 4, 2011

a bug safari

Since Dylan was a baby we have called him Dylee Bug, so for his 1st birthday we decided to have a bug themed party. We invited family and a few friends to help us celebrate by going on a bug safari!

 These are the invitations that I made.
 The birthday boy!
 His fabulous bug cupcakes!
 All of the kids got a bug jar with a magnifying glass in it to find bugs.
We put candy bugs (in wrappers of course) and rubber bugs all over the yard for the kids to pick up.
 Dylan wasn't quite sure what to think of all the extra people in our backyard.

 We turned on the Elmo water mat for the kids to play in (it was such a hot, gorgeous day!) and the boys had to show off their muscles.
 I think Dylan really liked the water!

 He wasn't quite sure what to think of the cake at first, but once he got a taste, he was good to go.

 The kids got to enjoy ice cream as well. Dylan didn't even care that it was cold, just that it was sweet!

 After opening some gifts we enjoyed a BBQ with the family. Dylan even got to try his first hotdog.
 He loved it!
Then it was on to opening all the gifts from the grandparents. I think we have enough toys now (as if we didn't already!)

His birthday was a perfect day. I just can't believe it's already been and gone.

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